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 - The art of seduction is knowing what he really wants and slowly giving it to him in a way that takes his breath away -

Do you long for a nice date, with a woman who also stimulates you intellectually?  

Then try your luck with me.   

About me.

Hello, I'm June.

Welcome to my world. I am a fresh appearance with a generous character and a mischievous smile. A slender body with lush shapes that caress your eyes.  High-class company, a spark of fire on your path.  

I offer you my time and my affection.  

Warm moments, just for you. 

My personality has many layers. I am spontaneous, caringsociable, adventurous and open-minded, but in my heart I am a real game bird. You charm me with humor. Laughing together is the best thing there is. I speak several languages and feel at home everywhere.  

Wining & Dining

I enjoy culinary dinners. What could be better than sitting at a table for a long time and immersing yourself in a deep conversation? The clock standing still, furtive glances crossing and a hint of mystery evaporating above the candlelight.

A soft side? Yes, I am sweet and caring and love it when a man is attentive. And I enjoy animals, nature – being outside and breathing healthy air. I am also sporty, which is reflected in my toned body. Sweating in the gym and letting off steam in the sauna? Delicious. 

In good company 

When I am at ease you really get to know me, without a filter. A woman who likes to laugh, tease and actively listen during a serious conversation. For me it's really about that emotional click. Genuine interest and connection. And I love meeting strangers! The most interesting stories always emerge from that. On an evening in good company I always sound. 

Feeling good in my own skin 

My body is my pride. The healthy blush on my cheeks shows that I take good care of myself. Self-confidence is my x-factor. Knowing who you are and what you are worth strengthens you. A bright look sparkles in my eyes.


Will you go out with me?

Then I will charge you with my energy and zest for life. 

Stylish outfits complete my look. Go shopping? Blessed! I like to pamper myself with softly scented creams, exclusive lingerie and refined jewelry. You can take me anywhere.

I dress beautifully for you and the occasion:

casual chic or just chic. How you prefer to see me. 


What I do.










Contact me.

Triggered by my photos and personality?

How I wish to be contacted:

The first contact is very important to me. The way you address me will be decisive for me as to whether I wish to meet with you or not. Tell me who you are and what you do and how you see a first date with me.
Make me an offer I can't refuse ;)

Because of the hustle and bustle in my daily life, I prefer  Contact us via email or the contact form below.

Please also respect this.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.

See you soon x

Image by Peter Olexa


A date with me starts from 2 hours.

We create possibilities ourselves, so don't be shy!

A romantic night out, waking up together in a strange city, escaping reality for a few days?

Tell me what you have in mind and let me fulfill your dreams. Who knows, our connection may last a long time and many more encounters will follow.


You only pay me for the time we spend together and the attention I give you.


Price 2 hours: €650

Price 3 hours: € 900

Price 4 hours: €1150

This is how our date will go. 

Be the perfect gentleman 

Do we arrange the financial aspect first? Then that part is already over and we can relax.


Breaking the ice 

The ideal date starts with a drink

– this is how we break the ice. Do I feel your appreciation and respect? Do we click? Then I will open myself up to you.


We'll take it from here 

Humor really is the best sauce. If we can laugh and be ourselves, the date can last for all I care. Do I come off as naughty? Then you know I'm in my element. I like to live in the here and now. When it feels good, I surrender to the moment.


Thank you for submitting!

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